My Journey, the beginning
Hey I wanna know what is your very first wrestling moment and why do you want to become a wwe diva? Who are some of your favorites? first wrestling moment was actually in September of ‘11, I bought me & my dad tickets to SD! I had been a fan for years, and never got to go. I’d say my favorite wrestling moment was when Eddie Guerrero won his first WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar at No Way Out. Proud moment. I want to become a WWE Diva because I just love the sport, I grew up my whole childhood almost watching. everytime I see someone wrestle, cut a promo, or anything else, I just want to be there. its just a dream for now, but I really want to make it to a reality. My favorites are Lita, Jacqueline, Ivory, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Trish Stratus, Undertaker, HHH, I have alot! lol I could go all day. Thanks for the question friend :)

Its either kill or be killled.

Hey guys! 5th post, woot! I think its the 5th? lol But how has everyone been? Im sure everyone from southern IL has been LOOOOVING this weather, and I mean that in the most sarcastic way ever. lol but I have been good! Ive been working out like crazy, eating healthier, and looking at life in positive ways. A hippie of sorts, lmao. But next week it will be two months untill my 17th birthday :’) I thank god everyday he made me the person I am..And that person thats still breathing. Alot of girls my age don’t have that opportunity.. But anyways, I have been kinda in tune with wrestling. Our cable goes out alot here, because my momma basically foots the bill.. So sometime the pleasures of TV arent there..Which is fine. I love my momma, she works so hard to keep me and my brother healthy and happy. She even supports my dreams of being a pro wrestler which I talk alot on my twitter about. So I have deathly love for her. Shes a person I would die for.. But I watched TNA iMPACT last night, which for alot of people who say its not good, it was pretty good last night..I was interested, I was laughing at OBD and Eric Young crazy asses, lol I liked it :) Tonights Smackdown night, and I will be tuning in! Schools been good, Ive been just going through the motions, finishing up. I start college in June, and Ill hopefully have a job by then, so I can start saving for things. Ive been looking deeeply for great pro wrestling schools, and I have found reasonable priced schools! Im really looking into “School of Hard Knocks” in Cali. Melina, whos one of my all time idols, trained there, and they are really affordable. Theres also this school in ATL that sounds great! Ive been reaallly dedicated to being a stronger person, physically, and mentally. This isnt just a fameshot thing for me..I really want to be something. I really want to i n s p i r e. But life has been good! I have felt good, all around. My ex has been trying to “Hi” me, um, I know he doesnt watch wrestling, but if he did, he would know what the “Maryse Hand” was, lmao! Well I hope you guys enjoyed this blog entry, I promise ill try to be more consistent, but I do hope you guys enjoy hearing about my lifes journeys. Shout out to everyone who reads!! That really makes me happy, I love you guys. Shoutout also to my twitter family! I looove you guys 80 times over, you guys are beyond sweet. :’) Have a nice day loves! <3

I definitely, 100 per cent guarantee that I’m going to write a book one day. Writing is one of my passions in my life, and I defintely want to share with the world my experiences, in and out of WWE.
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American Beauty..

I’m on a roll! fourth post on this blog, Im dedicated! lol. So this morning, I weighed myself, and I have lost a total of 10lbs!! Thats with eating healthier, working out, and just being dedicated. I used to think if I just dont eat, ill lose weight, but trust me thats not the way to go. I am so proud of myself, because you don’t know how many times Ive been so depressed coming back from the doctor, because their telling me im overweight, not healthy, and too big for my 5’3 build. But i’ll prove the critics wrong.. Weight is one of my many struggles in life, next to bouts of depression, and not being able to get a date, lmao but ive gotten better with the depression and weight struggles :) Speaking of dates.. I had a guy the other day on my FB, message me..not even wanting to talk to me, but just to say, hey I want to date you NOW. Now? what was wrong with me a month ago? two months ago? Guys kill me. Ive had alot of self esteem blows from guys calling me ugly, just cheating on me, dogging me out, where quite frankly, it never gets old.. Guys will be guys. I know one day i’ll find a nice man, someone who’ll treat me nicely, and will love me for me. Im not considered the hottest by guys, which is fine. I want to be considered the greatest person anyways ;) . But thats that. I always speak on how friendly, and even friendly to me is an understatement, the indy wrestlers are on twitter. They have given me greeeeat advice, and heads up on things I would never know to think of. They are the most humblest, most sweetest people ever. Im honored for them to even consider talking to me. <3 But tomorow I have school off, and the next day, I go back, so there might be a delay in things. sorry :( but I will keep you guys posted! as always, thank you for taking the time out to read my blog. have a great day guys! much love xo <3


"Proof anythings possible" -@WWEAJLee

"Proof anythings possible" -@WWEAJLee


Hello everyone, ^.^ hope you guys are having a good day! So second THIRD post! I’m on a streak here :) lol This is the 5th day of my diet, and I’m not going to lie..I’m kinda getting discouraged. My weights moving up and down, and its no rhyme or reason. I might go on a fast soon, just to try to knock some pounds off. But besides that, everything’s been fine. I have a break from school, because my hometowns covered in snow, its ridiculous. I haven’t done any homework -thumbs up- lol, but this last year I have been extraordinarily lazy! I’ll get back on the ball, I promise ;) . I watched Smackdown last night, and was really entertained. As we all know, WWE’s going through a rough patch with things..But I know they’ll pick back up. AJ Lee’s getting more TV time, which is awesome. I know AJ will go places within the company..She has the drive, the heart, everything. Shes a big inspiration to me, shes a really sweet person. I missed RAW, but I’ll catch it tonight at 12am. But outside of WWE, Ive gotten alot of encouragement from indy stars like Alicia, Mia Yim, Luscious Natashia, Even Sara Del Rey. They are really humbled, sweet women that have a passion for wrestling. I know Ive told you guys about some people here laughing at it, or being bewildered by my dream, but Idc. Im 16 years old, someone who has her future planned out, whos about to graduate highschool. And to me, thats no laughing matter ;) . On another note..My prom is coming up, and I was hoping for a guy to ask me, (HA!) so I went ahead and asked my bestfriend would he want to go with me..Now, lately at school, people have been giving me flack because for some odd reason, they think we date? Me and him have been friends for years, Ive never seen him in that way AT ALL. But to each its own I guess…I feel my friends dealing with somethings, and im not going to put them out there, but hes just trying to find his way… But I am very excited for prom nonetheless :) . I just need to find a job… PRONTO! Lol really I do. Ive noticed times Im supposed to be doing my classwork, Ive been doodling out little wrestling gear outfits. LOL I have the whoole spill of what my gear is going to look like. Lol..Im just a nerd, ignore me. Well thats it for today, I hope you guys enjoy me, or my life, probably not, lol but thank you for reading! Have a great Saturday guys <3 Much love xox

"Put your everything into it"

So second blog posting, sorry about the delay guys :). But this week has been pretty chill, here in IL its snowing so hard! Snow makes me think of love for some reason..idk why. But it does. So I been on my diet for about 4 days now, im trying to get used to it..So far i’ve lost about four pounds, which isnt bad. My ultimate goal is to weigh 120lbs. I want to hit my target weight, and Ive been trying extra hard. But I can do it!! So, as of lately…Ive been more vocal about my dreams and aspirations with my peers..Telling them I want to be a professional wrestler..Most have laughed. And it proves to me, “Sydney, you gotta make it.” I think the reason I truely told some friends, is because its a test. To see who’d support me no matter what.. But Im a strong girl, im a fighter; the laughter just roollls right off of me.. But I will make it <3. Ive been studying alot of divas lately, like Melina, Trish, and Mickie, to just get a clue of how they do it. I really look up to them, and I would love to learn from them. But on some personal notes. My dad called me the other day, to say he wants to take me to the Royal Rumble as a grad. gift.. Im totally excited, dont get me wrong, its just my dad… hes not consistent. He kinda lets me down alot, so when he offers things, I dont put my heart into it. With school, blah. Same old. Ive gotten use to walking the halls alone, and occassionally saying hello to people, or hanging with my good friend Donald. It just gives me more time to think…To prepare.. So I hope you guys liked this blog! Major love to people who are actually interested in my blogs. I love you. But have a good day guys! Untill next time.. <3